Here are the tutorials I've made so far. Once there are a few of them I'll start to properly sort them and make a fancy page with a search function. In the meantime, I'm concentrating on just getting some made up and so here is a very simple list.



Beginner's HTML Course

  1. Install a code editor - Before we dive in and begin writing our first lines of code, we just need one piece of free software to start - a free code editor.
  2. Introduction to the HTML markup - Write our first lines of code, creating a page heading and our first paragraphs.
  3. Introduction to the HTML <head> element - Add a title, description and our first metadata.
  4. Add an image in HTML using the <img> element - We also take a deeper look at attributes.
  5. How to add a <table> element in HTML - We take a look at how to create a table with headings, rows and columns for our pizza sauce ingredients.
  6. How to create lists in HTML, and use the <strong> and <em> nesting elements - We take a look at how to add bullet point (unordered) and numbered (ordered) lists and we also explore what we mean by nesting elements. We nest a list within a list, and use the strong and emphasis elements to alter words within a paragraph.
  7. How to add hyperlinks and contents - This tutorial will add hyperlinks to our web page. We will create a contents section and add a link to an external site. Doing this will enable us to explore both hyperlink types.

Intermediate's HTML Course

  1. Embedding videos in a webpage - Put videos on a webpage, understand the main attributes and how to add controls, autoplay, loop and more.
  2. Using meta tags for social media sharing - Add open graph and twitter tags to a webpage to control how your content is shared on social media.
  3. Add share buttons for social media sites - Insert social media share buttons on a webpage to enable visitors to share your content.


Intermediate's JavaScript Course

  1. What's the date? - Use the Date object in JavaScript to display today's date on a webpage, in a nice format for visitors to understand.